7 curiosidades sobre el uso del internet en Latinoamérica y el Caribe

7 Interesting Facts – Internet Use in Latin America and the Caribbean


The Latin America and Caribbean region is home to around 454 million internet users. That’s roughly 10% of internet users worldwide. On the other hand, only about 5% of the content on the internet is available in Spanish.


Three of the top 5 countries that clock the most hours on social media are in Latin America! Brazil – #2, Colombia – #3, Argentina – #5


Nicaragua has the region’s smallest number of internet users. Only 19,4% of households have an internet connection.


By 2022, it’s estimated that 90% of internet connections in Latin America will be through mobile devices.

In 2019, Google Translate was the 4th most searched for websites in the region.


Chile, Puerto Rico and Colombia are the top 3 countries in the region with the most digital entrepreneurship.

The internet is most commonly used in the region to access social media channels, send private messages and watch videos.


Uruguay (29,67 Mbps), Cuba (28,35 Mbps), and Mexico (26,57 Mbps), have the speediest internet connection while Venezuela is slowest with a speed of 7,68 Mbps.

Enjoy reading this content available in Spanish.

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