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Christina Jeffrey


Christina has designed and managed dozens of digital health programs and partnerships across the Americas and Africa. She has developed technology adoption strategies and project sustainability models for local, regional, and global initiatives with partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, World Vision, Harvard School of Public Health, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Rainforest Alliance, Catholic Relief Services, Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia, Brown University, International Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and a number of government Ministries of Health.

Prior to TecSalud, Christina was the Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dimagi where she led Latin America, Caribbean, and United States new market and business strategy. She worked in healthcare consulting with Synthesis Health Systems and Children’s Hospital Boston, and in investment banking at Brown Brothers Harriman. She holds a Masters in Public Health from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Psychology from Rollins College.

A designer by trade, Jose is committed to understanding people’s needs and to developing creative solutions that generate exciting experiences. As TecSalud’s Director of Programs, he oversees the design and implementation of TecSalud’s project portfolio across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Prior to TecSalud, Jose spent over seven years in a variety of leadership roles for Nike’s Colombia office – including project management, design, marketing, training, client relations, product launch strategies, and overseeing large, interdisciplinary teams of people. He played a lead role in designing and rolling out customized, interactive technology solutions for Nike, to improve retail experiences and expand the online community through Nike’s mobile applications. Jose holds a Bachelors of Arts in Design from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, where he specialized in Communication and Product Design.

Jose David Cure

Director of Programs

Angela Franco

System Design Specialist

Angela Franco is a System Design Specialist with expertise in healthcare data mining and business intelligence.

Prior to joining TecSalud, Angela worked on various data science teams at the World Bank, Processum Consultoría Institucional, and the National University of Colombia.

She has designed, developed, and overseen healthcare data collection strategies for governments, clinical databases, data structures, data dictionaries, data warehouses, and algorithms. She is well-versed in using Kimball and KDD methodologies and Pentaho Data Integration, Rapidminer, Postgresql and Oracle.

Angela holds a Master’s of Science in System Engineering and Computer Science and a Bachelor’s of Science in Systems Engineering, both from the National University of Colombia. She is passionate about how technology and data science can solve complex healthcare challenges.

More than 15 years crafting digital and traditional communications strategies in private and public sectors. Content Strategist for social media and digital projects aligned to brand and business objectives. Major in Communications and Journalism at Universidad de la Sabana and a MA in Creative Writing from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Tito Bohórquez Gaitán

Marketing & Communications Manager

Megan Halmo

Director of Public Health Strategy​

Megan Halmo is Director of Public Health Strategy at TecSalud. Megan has experience across the spectrum of public health practice: from assessment to program planning and design, implementation, and evaluation. Megan has managed strategic planning, launch, partnerships, and monitoring for programs addressing complex issues such as childhood obesity, nutrition, and health equity.

Most recently, Megan was Senior Manager of Strategic Planning & Partnerships at Tufts University’s ChildObesity180. While there, she played leadership roles on national obesity prevention initiatives – evaluating a federal school nutrition program, designing and scaling health programming in over a dozen national youth organizations, and formulating cross-initiative approaches to reduce health inequities.

Megan has on-the-ground experience as a social worker, providing mental health and case management services to a variety of populations. She holds a Masters in Public Health and a Masters in Social Work from Boston University, and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Veronica lives in Bogota, Colombia and currently divides her time between TecSalud and completing her studies in law school. Prior to joining TecSalud, Veronica worked in international and criminal law at the Colombian consulate in Venezuela and served for four years as the local president of AISEC, the largest youth-run international organization in the world.

Veronica is enthusiastic about volunteerism, social justice, and global issues, and has previously represented Venezuela in Model United Nations at the international level. Her professional aspiration is to practice law that helps internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees, and migrants.

Victoria Montoya

Operations Manager​

Gillian Javetski


Gillian is one of the TecSalud Co-Founders. She has built her career working in technology for development organizations in various project management, business development, marketing, and operations roles – including at Vecna Cares, Dimagi, Telerivet, Partners in Health, One Laptop Per Child, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She has managed over 30 digital health projects that utilize frontline technology to augment health programs in low-resource settings, including a 12-country malaria surveillance system funded by USAID’s President’s Malaria Initiative.

Gillian helped get TecSalud off the ground, running our first projects and helping us get established as a women-owned small business in the USA. We are forever grateful for her time and work with us !

Robby Choate is an advisor and mentor to TecSalud. He runs Rolo Studios, a near shore software development and marketing firm based in Bogotá, Colombia. He and his team contribute time and strategy to our digital portfolio.

Robby Choate​


Santiago Hernández

Web Developer

Santiago Hernández is support TecSalud as a web developer, helping in all web-related projects.He directs Nodotek, a digital web design and development agency based in Maturin, Venezuela. Lover of the web, technology and entrepreneurship. 

“Everything is possible, with a little creativity”

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