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Let’s Talk Money: Communicating with Technology Vendor Sales Reps in Digital Development

Our high level approach digital development software vendors in a nutshell. The presentation walks through different types of vendors and questions to ask when discussing pricing, volume and features with potential vendors.

A Designer And An Engineer Walk Into A... Digital Data Collection Exercise!

Two members of the TecSalud team, a designer and an engineer did an exercise to compare three popular data collection platforms used in global development. Angela, our systems engineer, is a programming expert with no prior knowledge of any of the tools. Jose, our designer, has never built a data collection tool nor seen one.

Digital Data Collection Platform Review: CommCare

Across our 5 scoring categories, we found CommCare to be the most powerful tool of the three platforms, mostly because its easy-to-use interface allows users to build very simple or complex applications.

Digital Data Collection Platform Review: SurveyCTO

We found SurveyCTO to be very easy to use. It functions in a very similar way as CommCare, with fewer features. One benefit of SurveyCTO over CommCare is that it does provide an in-tool data visualization feature.