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Business Development for Social Impact

Services & Pricing



Duration: 3 - 4 Weeks

Discover more relevant funding opportunities without having to pay for expensive tender subscriptions.


From $2,000

Duration: Varies

Supporting organizations with their grant requirements, throughout the entire cycle.

project transfer and support

From $5,000

Duration: Typically 4 - 6 Weeks

Are you a private enterprise that wants to give back? Let’s define and move your CSR forward.


Let’s identify new funding opportunities for your organization.

Small organizations in the social impact space often lack the time and resources to regularly scan for new funding opportunities. Common tender trackers (DevEx, etc) may be cost prohibitive, while staff are too busy running programs to do their own research. To work around these challenges, we’ve developed a funder tracking template for managing opportunities that does not require expensive subscriptions or ongoing support.  

Example Outputs:

  • Multiple business development strategy calls to create a priority sector and funding source tool

  • Custom database (configured based on client priorities) with direct links to funding announcements across a number of funding channels that typically announce grants, contracts and consultancies for individual consultants or small international development firms

  • Summary report, including cost/investment recommendations for CRM systems to consider based on budget and priorities, cost-saving resources


Need grant writing assistance? Our team is here to help.

We have years of experience writing and winning millions of dollars in development awards from various Foundations, Government funders (NIH, USAID, DFID, etc), Multilateral organizations (Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations), Corporate Foundations and private donors. In addition to writing grants, we specialize in developing budgets for funding submissions and long-term grant management. Grant writing support may also include donor communications and reporting.

We specialize in supporting small to medium-sized NGOs working in English, Spanish and/or French.


Advisory service to get your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan in the works.

For small or medium enterprises interested in creating a CSR plan, we conduct a company needs assessment and design a program launch plan that fits the budget, scale, and priority area that will best meet the needs of the client’s community.

This service may be done remotely or the client may opt for on-site evaluation of facilities and community. Our team creates a briefing that details the results of the needs assessment and potential avenues for investing in CSR, including cost benefits of each.

Example Outputs:

  • Needs assessment template

  • Report and potential options for implementation

  • Optional: Implementation coordination