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Pricing and Services

third party digital audit

From $4,000

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

Not sure what technology is right for your team? We’ll help you with your selection and vendor negotiations.

digital data collection

From $10,000

Duration: 12+ Weeks

Still using paper? Let’s digitize your data collection systems, saving your team time and money.

project transfer and support

From $10,000

Duration: 12 - 36 Weeks

Transfer your digital technology to local ownership through adaptation, training, and support.

Third Party Digital Audit

We think of ourselves as ‘technology neutral’ digital development analysts. We know a lot about what tools are out there, but don’t believe any one is perfect for every client.  This service offering is geared towards our clients who need an unbiased analysis of the technology tools they’re currently using or would like to incorporate.

Our assessment approach incorporates both technical and practical aspects that are understandable and actionable for clients with highly varying technical skill levels.

Example Engagement:

  • Our team asks yours to fill out a straightforward worksheet template.

  • We help you to complete it.

  • After all of the known pieces are complete, we create a plan for gathering key stakeholder information.

  • We create a ‘short list’ of tools based on financial, skill and interest along with a breakdown of the pros and cons.

  • Your team may opt to work with us further on an implementation* of a product you choose.

  • We provide you with a key set of questions and considerations to help you negotiate your purchase with the vendor’s sales team.

*We are a technology agnostic company. We do not receive reseller commission or other incentives for recommending a product. TecSalud can assist with implementation if it aligns with our sustainability and manageability guidelines. We do not implement products we determine to be misaligned with an organization

Project Example: Evaluated the existing technology tools of a small Caribbean government which resulted in a simple, actionable document the health system can use to make improvements to their HIS at the community level.


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This service is geared towards clients who:

  • Have a desire to evaluate a paper-based process and move it to digital

  • Already have a digital process and a desire to evaluate other options and/or move it to another platform

  • Would like to build upon an existing platform through content additions, staff training refreshers or reporting.

There is a long list of available platforms options to pair one with your needs. We provide the expertise to get your data collection processes in shape. Whether you are looking to move from a paper-based instrument or improve an existing digital data collection process, we create the roadmap.  

If you are adding on to an existing tool through content or training, we provide a time-based estimate along with a series of easy to follow templates for creating structure for each phase of your data collection program.


  • We review the paper process and introduce options for ‘going digital’

  • In the case of building on a technology that you’ve already implemented, we review what has worked and what you’re looking to improve to create a proposal for moving platforms or improving the existing tool.

  • Our teams discuss the features, pros and cons of each option

  • The selected tool is programmed with a prototype

  • We help you pick the most manageable features that can improve data quality and reduce time collecting data.

  • You can opt to self-train on the tool or work with us to deliver a training of trainers or data collectors and administrators.

Project Example: Across multiple country research sites, we designed and implemented a new data collection strategy for allowing hospital workers to track quality of care indicators across maternal and child health sectors.

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project transfer and support

This service works best for NGOs & Academics who are approaching the end of a digital data collection project. We are your transition and sustainability support.

Starting with our Technology Readiness Assessment toolkit, we create a plan to help answer the question, “What happens to that technology as the project approaches the end of its funding period?”

Academic teams may choose to digitize their research instruments for a study. NGOs may be tasked with using phones and tablets to manage, collect and disseminate information for a grant period. In many cases, adjustments can be made to those tools to transfer them to local ownership.

For NGOS: Our team will work with you to assess the already implemented tool and will create the local adaptation plan so that your in-country partners are left with something they can use and value after you’ve gone.

For Academics: Considering research instruments as potentially valuable local tools for long-term use is incredibly important when working to build credibility and rapport with groups you wish to study for a finite period. Commitment to those groups can be expressed through creating a local ownership plan for your instrument.

Example Activities:

  • Evaluation of the tool, workflow, local team skill sets in the final year of the project.

  • Assessment of local teams using our technology readiness assessment

  • Creation of sustainability plan to replicate the components of the tool identified as priority for the local client and help them to learn how to manage that tool over time.

  • Cost evaluation and potential avenues to address any affordability issues.

  • Implementation of local adaptations to transform  (Example: Cutting down length of questionnaires, eliminating unnecessary pieces, adjusting language, translation)

  • Implementation of training of trainers program (on-site) and comprehensive non-technical administrator skill building workshops so that your tool remains in-country, valuable, and relevant.

Pricing Note:

This service is sold to our clients in $10,000, 120-hour support blocks. We categorize our hours across project support buckets identified as priority areas by our partners. They include client capacity building, technical support, creation of content, testing/quality check of content and ongoing technical management of existing systems. These blocks do not include any on-site time or on-site training, which can be purchased at additional cost depending on location. On-site training and support starts at $7,000.

Project Example: Developed a transition plan to adapt a technology data collection platform for a 9-country academic randomized controlled trial (RCT) for long-term local use, including significant reduction of content and adjustment of language for cultural context.

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