digital engagement and business growth strategy services for social impact, health, and community.

Founded in 2017

Our core belief is that technology for social good should not be complicated, costly or overwhelming.


TecSalud is a women-owned small business with a strong focus on designing practical and sustainable data, technology, and social impact strategies for partners of all shapes and sizes. Our work extends to various sectors, which include health, education, and community development, and across
Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Our Mission

At Tecsalud, we are on a mission to create strategies that help our partners grow and demonstrate their successes through data and process improvements.  We leverage the power of human centered design to ensure teams are aligned and engaged. We advise clients on equitable and inclusive digital transformation practices, and business development strategies that are rooted in community, collaboration, and innovation so that together we are building a more just future for all.

Our Vision

We exist to bridge divides and unlock opportunities by not only creating innovative organizational improvement strategies, but working with our partners to improve existing systems, recognizing that new products may not be the answer. We have a steadfast commitment to social impact, and recognize the risks of creating disparity when introducing technology, collecting program data, and building business through certain channels. We strive to mitigate this risk through defining users as everyone who may touch what we create, and clearly involving them in our processes. Engaging focus groups, rigorous user testing, trial and error, continuous feedback loops and local expert involvement are some of our methods.


Digital Strategy, Nonprofit Strategic Planning, Growth for Impact

We provide expert guidance and support to community programs, government agencies, and non and for-profit organizations that aim to improve access to, adoption of, and effective and equitable use of digital technologies among their populations served.


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