Digital Inclusion Advisory Services

We provide expert guidance and support to communities, government agencies, and non and for-profit organizations that aim to improve access to, adoption of, and effective use of digital technologies among their populations served. Our comprehensive services cover the spectrum of digital content needs, from strategy design and tool creation to data visualization, process development, translation, and implementation.


  • Create data collection tools and implementation plans targeting hard to reach communities and vulnerable populations.
  • Build simple and straightforward data visualizations to help organizations demonstrate impact without having to hire expert technical staff.
  • Evaluate existing technologies and make technical recommendations to improve equity and/or meet growth and scale goals across new regions or populations.

We design and implement strategies to bridge the digital divide, focusing on providing equal opportunities for all individuals to participate in the digital age. 


  • Adapt digital content for multilingual teams or audiences with highly variable degrees of technical literacy.
  • Transform competitive processes (grant making, innovation challenges) through user centered design to ensure equitable recipient outcomes.
  • Simplify or amplify digital outreach to vulnerable audiences through SMS, chatbots, whatsapp, and other pre-existing channels.

Through our years of work across a combined 30 countries, we offer insights on areas such as improving internet access, promoting digital literacy, creating inclusive technology solutions, and fostering collaboration among cross-border and cross-functional stakeholders. 

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