Let’s Talk Money: Communicating with Technology Vendor Sales Reps in Digital Development

Money talk. For many of us working in international development, global health, social impact, the topic of ‘how much does this cost’ can be difficult to navigate. We have worked on both sides of the aisle (in our former lives) and have worked out some strategies for making pricing conversations easier.

TecSalud presented pricing navigation basics to attendees at the Global Digital Health Forum in Washington, DC. Our team is a technology neutral group of digital development specialists who help clients to make informed decisions about data collection and digital health software platforms offered to the global development community.

This presentation is just an overview example of how we typically engage with clients who are either digitizing a program for the first time or thinking of conducting an evaluation to consider new tools for an existing program.

See our Pricing and Services page to learn more about how we work with our clients to implement healthy tech practices, from evaluation to implementation.

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TecSalud works with clients to approach technology in the healthiest ways possible. What does healthy tech mean to us? Healthy Tech: Incorporating digital tools that improve operations, ease pain or increase longevity of your programs. If you need help with the evaluation, pricing or implementation of digital development platforms, check out our support and services options or contact us with any questions.
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