Interactive Map of Digital Health Programs and Policies Across the Latin America and Caribbean

Interactive Map of Digital Health Programs and Policies Across Latin America and the Caribbean

Have a click around! The map is the result of ongoing research, but is nowhere near complete. Information on this topic is scattered and often highly selective because big funders will author publications on the subject, mainly including programs they fund themselves. This means that some of the smaller, community-led digital health efforts can be left out of the landscape and overall state of digital health in the region. We’re all for digital inclusion at TecSalud, and hope to uncover the hardest to find initiatives!

So far, we have mapped out information in 35 countries and territories. Not all have a known government digital health strategy, but many have programs and local or facility-based policies related to technology for improving local and national health systems. The map contains at least one point of information from over 90% of territories and countries in the region. Finding this information hasn’t been easy! We’re hoping you’ll contact us if you know of others! We plan to keep the info as updated as possible.

37% (13 out of 25) of countries on the map are from the Caribbean.
37% (13 out of 25) of countries on the map are from South America.
17% (6 out of 35) of countries on the map are from Central America.
8,5% (3 out of 35) are overseas territories belonging to the United Kingdom → Anguilla, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

The information outlines efforts by countries and territories to improve health processes and public health policies by incorporating technology. We’ve done our best to set categories based on themes uncovered.

Telemedicine is a major part of many points, with many government and private initiatives that facilitate  remote capacity building, appointments and consultations. Another theme we have found across the region is that more and more local groups are moving away from paper-based systems by digitizing administrative processes, medical records and other tracking systems.

Do you want to be added to the list? Contact Us and we’ll add you, or you’re welcome to fill out the short form at the bottom of the map (in English and in Spanish) about your Latin American or Caribbean digital health example. We plan to add as many examples as possible. We’d love to see more information from NGOs, local groups, the private sector, etc.

Visit the map and have a click around!

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